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The Project
Unethical Human Experiments, Carcinogenic Viruses, and Murder during the Cold War
James Stewart Campbell, MD.

This is the story of a real clandestine program which developed a weaponized carcinogenic virus 50 years ago this year in New Orleans.  “The Project” was interrupted by the mysterious death of renowned orthopedic oncologist and family friend, Dr. Mary Sherman.   What really happened that night?  Using actual autopsy data, autobiographical writings, and researcher’s reports the scene will be re-created.  More importantly, what happened to the weaponized virus?  Was it ever used to kill people? Is it still alive in a secret lab somewhere?

Of interest to oncologists, virologists, medical examiners, radiologists, public health advisors, ethicists, medical historians, engineers, and those who want to hear a chilling tale that affects medicine to this day. 

You can choose the version of "The Project" that you wish to see. The text version has fewer pictures and is easier to download to any computer. The PowerPoint version has better pictures and is complete with the text read as audio, but the file is much bigger and takes longer to download. You decide:

Click Here to read the text version of "The Project" (38 KB size)

Click on the picture below to open the presentation (36 MB file size) . It is in PowerPoint .ppsx format, which can be opened by any computer with Powerpoint 2007 (or later) installed. Or you can download the FREE Powerpoint Viewer (PowerPointViewer.exe) directly from Microsoft. Apple/Mac/Linux users can also download free PowerPoint viewers to see this show - It's worth it!

The presentation is both audio and slides - BE SURE TO TURN ON THE SOUND!

Mary Sherman Photo - J Bone and Joint Surgery Am 1964

Click on the picture to download the Audio-Visual Powerpoint Presentation of "The Project." - 36MB.

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