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Relax a Minute

In the rapid pace of the world, made worse by instant communications, traffic, family pressures, appointments, deadlines, and the hustle-bustle expected of this modern life, wouldn't it be nice to take a break in the country to listen to nature and relax?

Well, here is a minute in the forest, brought to you by nature itself. No interruptions, advertisments, cookies, or pop-up annoyances. Perfect for download to your smart phone.

- The pipe spring on old US64 -

As we all flow through time at our own pace, you might first find this minute of relaxation interminably long and boring, or too short due to the mind wandering elsewhere. Keep trying until you can concentrate and relax through the entire minute. Can you hear the birds sing occasionally in the background? How many times do you breathe during the minute? How many heartbeats occur? Let them do their thing automatically while you let it all go. What a marvelous device is the human body that you inherited! Relax and enjoy yourself with a minute of the natural realm you were designed for.

It is best to download the video file to your computer or smart phone before viewing to avoid annoying pauses in playback. To download the MP4 file to your computer using Chrome, Right-Click on the desired link below and select "Save Link As...". Other browsers may have different commands for downloading like "Save Target as...". Choose the Folder where you want to save the video on your computer, then click "Save." The file will take some time to download before it can be played. Be patient, it's worth it! When downloaded to your computer, the file can be quickly transferred to your smart phone via USB or Wi-Fi. On my Samsung Galaxy the files are sent to the folder \Card\DCIM\Camera, then the video appears in the "Gallery" app. which can play the video without interruption.

Feel free to copy this video for others or direct them to this site. The world can always use a little more peace and quiet.

Two version of the video are available. If the orientation of the portrait version is wrong, try the other download that has been rotated 90 degrees for certain displays.

Right Click to Download, Left Click to Play:

The Old Pipe Spring - Portrait - 24 MB

The Old Pipe Spring - Rotated - 35 MB

Then get in a comfortable space and relax -
It's good for your health!

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