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Believe in Religious Freedom?



---Click to Download the High-Resolution Poster in PNG Format---

Download this High-Resolution 8-12" x 11" (A-Size) poster in the format of your choice. Print it on light-colored paper and display or post it proudly to show you care about unfettered religious freedom and the sacred plants of Earth. Be sure to include the disclaimer at the bottom in all postings. Thanks.

CLICK HERE to download the Poster in PNG Format - FREE THE SACRED PLANTS

CLICK HERE to download the Poster in JPG Format -FREE THE SACRED PLANTS

I researched and authored the text of the poster. I do not know the anonymous artist of the Handcuffed Mushroom Man, but it is in the style of Kat McKenna. If you can identify the artist, please email me and I will be glad to post proper credit. jscmd.


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