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Curriculum Vitae of James Stewart Campbell, MD. – August 2022



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Formal Education:


High School Diploma - The Albany Academy, Albany, NY, 1962.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1966.


Doctor of Medicine - The Albany Medical College of Union University, Albany, NY, 1970.


Preceptorship in Neurology, The British Institute of Neurology, Queen’s Square, London, England, 1970.


Internship in Surgery - University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle, WA, 1971.


Work Experience (Chronological Listing):


Dec 1962 - Nov 1963: Transmitter engineer and announcer for stations WYNS, Lehighton, PA. and WKAP, Allentown, PA.


Jun 1967 - Apr 1968: Research Assistant, Experimental Neurosurgery Laboratory, The Albany Medical College, Albany, NY.


Aug 1971 – Feb 1972: Apprenticeship in Obstetrics and General Medicine at the Lynnwood Clinic of Dr. Morris Gold, MD., Lynnwood, WA.


Mar 1972 – July 1972: Captain, U.S. Army Medical Corps, Fort Knox, KY. Honorable discharge as a conscientious objector.


Jan 1971 - Apr 1975: Associate founder of and physician for The Country Doctor Community Clinic, Seattle, WA, managing the services of Obstetrics, Surgery, and Geriatrics. Practice interrupted briefly for military service in 1972.


Nov 1974 - Apr 1975: Physician for State of Washington Methadone Treatment Center, Seattle, WA.


Jan 1976 - 1982: Founder, Director, and primary physician for the Mountain Peoples’ Clinic, Hayesville, NC, a not-for-profit organization.


1982-86: Private Practitioner of General Medicine, Shooting Creek, (Hayesville P.O.) NC.


1984-85: Physician for the Women’s Health Clinic, Clay County Public Health Department, Hayesville, NC.


1984-86: North Carolina State Medical Examiner for Clay County, NC.


1983-86: Assistant Professor of Instrumentation Technology, Tri-County Community College, Murphy, NC. Courses taught include: DC Fundamentals, AC Fundamentals, Semiconductor Device Theory and Application, Integrated Circuit Technology, Motor Theory and Control, Cable Technology, and Industrial Safety and Health.


1983-present: Proprietor of MEDesign® (formerly Medical Engineering & Design), a private consulting resource for research, development, documentation, and regulatory approval of devices, and therapeutic systems including clinical medical practice. MEDesign became a limited liability company (MEDesign LLC) in November 2017.


1987-88: Director of Biomedical Engineering for Automated Diagnostic Systems, Inc.(ADS), Arlington, VA., a research and development firm funded by Federal SBIR grants to work on design and implementation of an automated Microspectrophotometer for clinical laboratory use (the THETA machine).


1988-1989: Director of Engineering and Director of Clinical Services, Life Sciences Manufacturing, Inc. (LSI), West Lebanon, NH. Job responsibilities included product development and testing, production engineering of ongoing designs, introduction of new devices, quality control and documentation, verification of software releases, obtaining FDA device approval, customer training and support, and contact with beta testing sites. Both jobs combined required the supervising of a staff of nine.


1989-1993: Director of Clinical Services and Acting Director of Engineering for Carolina Medical Electronics Inc. (CME), King, NC.  Job responsibilities included design, development, clinical testing, documentation, and FDA submission of new instruments and editing, writing, and layout of operator’s manuals. The position required managing a staff of five engineers and technicians.


1993: Supervising Physician for The King Medical Center, King, NC, a certified rural health clinic with a staff of four.


1993- Mar 1994: Medical Director for the Industrial Medicine Clinic of Spencer’s, Inc. of Mt. Airy, NC overseeing the health of their 1400 employees before all manufacturing jobs were moved to Mexico. Directed staff of two assistants.


1994 - 1995: Consulting physician for High Point Occupational Health Center, High Point, NC.


1994-1995: Staff Physician for The Old Town Immediate Care Center, Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC and for The Kernersville Immediate Care Center, Old Winston Road, Kernersville, NC.


1996: Family physician for Main Surgery and Family Practice Clinic, Yadkinville, NC. This position also included assisting at open and endoscopic general surgery.


1996-1998: Family physician for Aegis Family Health Center, Yadkinville, NC.


1998-1999: Consulting physician for Forsyth Physical Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC.


1998-2001: Regional Medical Advisor for LONGEVITY (Richmond, VA Division), a vascular health screening service.


1999-2009: Physician for SeniorCare, P.A., 147 Columbine Dr., Winston-Salem, NC, a clinic specializing in the long-term outpatient care of adults and seniors.


Feb 2001 - Nov 2003: Design Engineer and Principal Investigator for Biographics, Inc.,2000 W 1st St., Winston-Salem, NC, 27104. Developed manufacturable circuits for mammalian neurophysiology, including a Quad-DSP system for recording neuronal signals.


March 2003 – Dec 2003: Contracting Physician for the Stokes County Health Department, Danbury, NC, and for Susan Ziglar, MD, Rural Hall, NC.


Dec 2003 – June 2004: Contract Physician for Slater Academy Family Practice, 2295 East 14th Street, Winston-Salem, NC. Also revised the entire computerized Prescription Formulary to include all available formulations and developed a verifiable equipment sterilization procedure for the clinic.


July 2004 – Nov 2007: Contract Physician for Stokes County Department of Public Health, Danbury, NC, 27016. A Family Medicine / Public Health position. I independently saw 2000+ patient visits per year. Also developed office surgery, instrument handling, laboratory testing, and controlled substance procedures for the Family Medicine Section.


July 2007 – 2013 President of eCanoe, LLC, a small company designing and manufacturing electric propulsion equipment for canoes and small boats. ECanoe LLC was dissolved in 2013 as a result of the 2008 economic recession and its negative effects on the marine market.


Dec 2007 to 2010: Credentialed as Locum Tenens physician for Jackson and Coker, Physician Placement Service in Atlanta, GA. Assignments have included Occupational Medicine Physician for Lowe’s Hardware Corporate Offices.


May 2009 to July 2012: Contract physician for Old Town Immediate Care, 3737 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27130.


December 2010 to December 2017: Director of Thermography Services, Integrative Life Solutions, Inc., Clemmons, NC, 27012. In this practice of Clinical Thermography, Dr. Campbell conducted and reported over a thousand human thermography examinations.


2012 to 2014: Contract Physician for SeniorCare, P.A., 147 Columbine Dr., Winston-Salem, NC., helping H. Ernest Schmid, Jr, MD. in his practice of geriatric medicine.


2014 to 2015: Designer of and Physician for MEDesign General Practice, an independent solo private practice, located within Integrative Life Solutions, Inc., Clemmons, NC, 27012. This successful experimental care model combined modern computerized paperless office techniques and instruments with the personal touch and wisdom of an old country doctor. The clinic was closed after one year due to the huge demand for such services which overwhelmed the amount of care a single older physician could reliably supply.




Summary of Medical Skills:


Over forty-five years’ experience as a general physician involved in total family care. Skilled at history taking and physical diagnosis with basic clinical and laboratory tools; wound care including debridement, multi-layer suturing and plastics closure techniques; minor surgical procedures - especially dermal lesion removal, cryosurgery, vasectomy, sigmoidoscopic biopsy, endovaginal procedures, Ophthalmic and ENT procedures; assisting at surgery including endoscopic surgeries; patient monitoring and anesthesia (local, nerve block, spinal, and general); obstetrical management and delivery (400 deliveries experience); orthopedic diagnosis and treatment of fractures, sprains, arthropathies, and soft-tissue injuries; treatment and management of all common problems encountered in pediatric and adult medicine including cardiac, pulmonary, renal, endocrine, infectious disease, nutritional, reproductive, behavioral, pain control, and ageing; and able to competently perform and/or interpret a number of specialized tests including basic X-rays, EKG, plethysmography, ABI, arterial and venous Doppler, CT, MRI, Infrared Thermography, and ultrasound imaging.


Inventions and Original Design Work (Partial List):


Independent Generator Speed Controller - A phase-locked real-time computer using hybridized analog and digital techniques to regulate micro-hydroelectric generators at 60 Hz. Only the generator power lines are required for sensing and control.


"CURRENTRACER” - A hand-held instrument for detecting direction and magnitude of microampere currents in printed circuit traces nondestructively. The instrument also detects very small DC and AC magnetic fields. Automatic balance and auto shutoff are featured.


Charge-limited Piezoelectric Current Injector for in vivo treatment of dermal pain and itching.


Illumination-integrated circuitry used in CCD-Camera time exposures for micro-spectroscopic recording of fluorescent objects.


Non-contact Magnetic-Optical Six-Axis Position Sensor for detection of specimen orientation in a movable-head centrifuge. Rotational speed and location of the specimen is also controlled via Optoelectronic feedback.


Co-designer: The THETA Machine - An automated, miniaturized, dual channel imaging Microspectrophotometer for clinical laboratory use. Modulated Xenon Arc lamp illumination, Auto focus, Dichroic mirror spectral separation, and X-Y addressed CCD Imagers are featured.


"HOMR” - Hybrid Optical Microscale Reader - an electro-optical device to provide a repeatable absolute position reference with an accuracy of five microns over a 15 cm range. Infrared Laser Diodes and Linear CCD Arrays were utilized for miniaturization.


Co-designer: “STAR-TRACK” - An automatic motorized microscope stage using optoelectronic feedback for position and speed control. Features standard RS-232 link for control by laptop or personal computer.


“IPG-II” Clinical Impedance Plethysmograph for noninvasive detection of venous disease. Designed to be used in Life Sciences’ MVL Modulab with little operator intervention. IPG-II was designed to exceed UL-544 Standards for patient safety.


VascuMAP® - A state-of-the-art clinical air plethysmograph system for taking segmental blood pressures and volume-calibrated arterial waveform tracings automatically. May also be used for venous plethysmography. Features oscillometric BP techniques combined with real-time Volume Displacement calibration.


Volume Percent measurement via air cuff plethysmography - utilizes the VascuMAP Volume Displacement calibration in combination with special volume-calibrated cuffs and embedded software algorithms to provide waveform scaling as a percent of enclosed tissue volume.


VascuDOP™ - A 5 MHz CW bidirectional low-distortion clinical Doppler velocity meter. Utilizes low-noise amplifiers and mixers, a 40 dB AGC circuit, Nippa Forward/Reverse separation and monolithic audio drivers to provide a complete research-quality Doppler on a single small board. Features isolated audio outputs for connection to a PC running spectral analysis software.


eCanoe® - A differentially-steered dual electric motor propulsion system for small watercraft. Features a small hand-held "helm" for electronic speed and direction control from anywhere in the boat. US Patents 6,132,267 and 6,984,157.


DoubleDOP™ - A dual 5 MHz CW Doppler specifically designed as a non-invasive arterial locator for blood embolism detection. The DoubleDOP was designed for human clinical research use during cardiac surgery. It has also found use in aortic transit time studies.


MAGNET Neurophysiology Monitoring and Stimulation System – A Quad DSP-based system to gather and condense neuronal monitoring data. Fast, precision AC and DC signals are received, digitized, and transmitted by this fully isolated laboratory unit developed for Biographics, Inc.


Designed manufacturing techniques for assembly, testing, packaging, and sterilization of precision microwire arrays for intracranial and in vitro use in neurophysiological monitoring for Biographics, Inc.


PA-01 and PA-02 Biosignal Preamplifiers - 16-channel low-noise referenced amplifiers for neuronal and EEG/EKG signal acquisition. The PA-02 includes fast analog switches to block amplifier overload from biologic stimulation voltages.


HB-01 through HB-05 Headboard Buffer Circuits. These tiny multichannel head-mounted boards required innovation in miniaturization. Included in the family are 16-channel gain-amp, FET, high-voltage, and DC precision models. The HB-05 also includes analog multiplexers for bipolar stimulation of any of the attached microwires.


NS-01 Neuron Simulator. This 16-channel battery-powered unit precisely simulates neuron signals sensed by microwire electrodes in the brain. Features an isolated trigger input and adjustable free-run modes. Also allows detection of headboard amplifier current leakage that could injure an experimental preparation.


KECS Kincaid Epicardial Stimulator. A self-contained, implantable cardiac sensor/stimulator for epicardial self-pacing in post-operative A-V block. Features magnetic shut-off and independent stimulation outputs triggered by the sensing circuit. All leads are DC isolated. This device was designed and prototyped for the Cardiothoracic Laboratory of Wake Forest School of Medicine.


High-Bandwidth EKG Preamplifier. Developed to document the ultra-short output spikes of the KECS Stimulator that cannot be detected in vivo by standard clinical EKG devices. This self-powered, portable instrument can display the three major EKG lead signals simultaneously on a standard 2-channel digital oscilloscope with math function. Display bandwidth verified 0.5 to 5000 Hz.


Immunometer®.  A device to measure the surface temperature of fingernails by non-contact mid-infrared detectors.  By comparing the fingernail temperatures in a cooled individual to the nominal human body temperature of 98.6°F (37°C), Paradoxical Glomus Dilation (PGD) may be detected and followed clinically.  


U.S. Trademarks:


VASCUMAP (word mark) for Carolina Medical, Inc. 1997.

MEDESIGN (word mark). Personal application, 1998.

ELECTRICANOE (word mark). Personal application, 1999.

ECANOE (word mark). Personal application, 1999.

IMMUNOMETER (word mark).  Personal application 2017.


U.S. Patents:


#6,132,267 - Propulsion System for a Boat. Design for an electronic differential steering mechanism for small watercraft. This is the basic “eCanoe” patent.


#6,984,157 – Motor Mounting Mechanism. A unique breakaway mount for holding a motor at the side of a small boat. Designed for manufacture by injection molding.


#D473,567 S –Trolling Motor Propeller. Design patent for unique efficient 3-blade propeller for small boat motors.


Computer Experience:


Application Programs: Schematic Layout and Printed Circuit design (including surface mount technology), SPICE circuit simulation, PageMaker, Corel Designer, MS-Office, QuickBooks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Object-oriented and pixel-oriented graphics manipulation programs, Spectral Analysis, Infrared radiometric image manipulation programs, Palm and Android systems for medical practice use, many others.


Hardware: Expert in interfacing electronics to biological systems, Analog Computer design, “Anadigilog” state-machine design. Also competent with Windows based Systems, 8031 Microcontrollers, DEC PDP mainframes, Graphics Scanners, Video and Output Devices, Motorola DSP56300 Family Design, many others.


Architecture Design:


Designer, Builder and Landscaper of “Crow Heaven”, an experimental private residence utilizing active and passive solar heating and hot water, a geothermal tunneled cellar, and a 14 ft. deep pond. Natural and recycled construction materials are featured in this 4000 sq. ft. building, as are many novel heating, cooling, and plumbing devices. Completed in 1979. Located in Clay County, NC.


Designer and construction coordinator of the Crossley residence, a 1500 sq. ft. active and passive solar home in Hiawassee, GA. completed in 1982.


Memberships and Awards (partial list):


Best Intern, University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, 1971.


Member, Physician’s Staff, Towns County Hospital, Hiawassee, GA, 1976-83.


Chief of Anesthesia Services, Towns County Hospital, Hiawassee, GA, 1981-83


Member, Physician’s Staff, Union General Hospital, Blairsville, GA, 1980-86.


Member, American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery, 1976-78.


Member, American Association of Acupuncturists, 1978


Member, Society of Vascular Technology, 1989-1990


Vice President, Life Sciences Research, Inc., 1989.


Adjunct Member, Dartmouth College Thayer School Doctor of Engineering Qualifying Committee, 1989.


Member, North Carolina Medical Society, 1991-1998.


Member, Surry - Yadkin (NC) Medical Society, 1991-1998.


Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 1991-present. Recognized as a Life Senior Member of the IEEE on 1 January 2018.


Member, Biomedical Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee, Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem, NC. 1992-93.


Member, Stokes County Vocational Education Advisory Council, Danbury, NC 1992-93.


Finalist - Design News Original Design Contest 1992 (for VascuMAP design).


Medical Staff Honorary Member, Northern Hospital of Surry County, Mt. Airy, NC, 1993


Medical expertise reconfirmed via SPEX Examination, Raleigh, NC, August 1993


Member, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 1994-95.


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) qualified, February 1996.


Member, Medical Staff, Hoots Memorial Hospital, Yadkinville, NC, 1996-1999.


Member, Honorary Emeritus Medical Staff, Forsyth Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC - 1999 to present


Principal Investigator - SBIR Grant 2R44 DA12083-02A2, "System to test medications developed to treat drug abuse", NIDA, Bethesda, MD, September 2000. – Received full funding for 2 year grant.


First Place in the single-hull/conventional battery division for the 2005, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2021 marathons - Wye Island Electric Boat Marathon, St. Michaels, MD, an event sanctioned by the Electric Boat Association of the Americas (EBAA).


Member, North Carolina Integrative Medical Society, Raleigh, NC, 2010 to 2013.


Member, American Academy of Thermology (AAT), Greenville, SC 2013 to present - Elected to AAT Board of Directors 2015-2017.


Certified Physician Member, American Academy of Thermology, Greenville, SC.  2016.


Life Member, American Academy of Thermology, Greenville, SC.  2018.




Amateur Radio License WA2MFD (inactive).


First Class Radiotelephone Operators’ License (inactive).


Previously licensed to practice Medicine and Surgery in Washington State, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia with full clinical DEA registration.  Retired from active medical practice in December 2017 by the NC Board of Medicine, which objected to the use of Harm Reduction techniques to protect patients during the fentanyl epidemic.


FDA Approved Submissions:


IPG-II Impedance Plethysmograph, Life Sciences, Inc. for acceptance via 510(k).


VascuMAP Medical Air Plethysmograph for Carolina Medical, Inc. Time to acceptance: 46 days for 510(k).


Publications and Presentations (Partial List):


Contributing author to Healing Yourself, Joyce Prensky, Ed., The Crossing Press, Trumansburg, NY, all editions 1973-80.


Chapter on surgical techniques in A Difficult Decision, Joy Gardener, Ed., The Crossing Press, Trumansburg, NY, 1986.


Coauthor of the Operator’s Manual for the MVL Modulab, Life Sciences, Inc., 1989.


Coauthor of software manuals for Life Sciences’ Clinical Applications Software for the MVL Modulab, Versions 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12.


Author and Illustrator of the IPG-II Operator’s Manual, and IPG-II Maintenance Manual, Life Sciences, Inc, 1989.


Editor and coauthor of the Model 1070 COLORSCAN Ultrasound Imager Operator’s Manual. Carolina Medical, Inc, King, NC, 1990.


Hansen KJ, Campbell JS, and Stump DA: Volume-calibrated segmental air plethysmography - a comparison of two methods. Study done for Carolina Medical Inc., King, NC 27021, 14 Sept. 1991, 8 pages.


Hansen KJ, Campbell JS, and Stump DA: Clinical accuracy of the VascuMAP medical air plethysmograph in measuring systolic, mean, and diastolic blood pressures by the oscillometric method in comparison with auscultatory measurements. Study done for Carolina Medical Inc., King, NC 27021, 7 Sept. 1991, 8 pages.


Hansen KJ, Campbell JS, and Stump DA: Clinical accuracy of the VascuMAP medical air plethysmograph in measuring pulse rates during oscillometric blood pressure determination.  Study done for Carolina Medical Inc., King, NC 27021, 3 Sept. 1991, 5 pages.


Campbell JS: VascuMAP mean arterial pressure measurement accuracy as tested by NIBP dynamic simulation. Study done for Carolina Medical Inc., King, NC 27021, 29 July 1991, 5 pages.


Campbell JS, Stump DA, and Hager RA: Oscillometric mean arterial measurement in the dog using the tail root as the cuff site. Study done for Carolina Medical Inc., King, NC 27021, 26 April 1991, 4 pages.


Author of the VascuMAP Medical Air Plethysmograph Operator’s Manual and the VascuMAP Calibration and Maintenance Manual. Carolina Medical Inc., 1991-92.


Campbell JS: Recent Advances in Air Plethysmography. Presented to the New York Medical College Sixteenth Annual Symposium on Vascular Surgery, Poughkeepsie, NY, 19 Sept. 1992.


Lee BY, Campbell JS, and Berkowitz P: The correlation of oscillometric blood pressures and segmental pulse volumes to Doppler systolic pressures in vascular disease. J Vasc Surg 1996; 23:116-22.


Guess JF and Campbell JS: Acoustic properties of some biocompatible polymers at body temperature. Ultrasound in Med & Biol 1995; 21: 273-277.


Editor and author of the Operator’s Manuals for the PREVIEW Series of ultrasound imagers manufactured by Carolina Medical, Inc. These manuals include specific instruction for Cardiac, Gynecologic, Obstetric, Urologic, and abdominal imaging and measurement.


Contributing author/photographer for Medical Insights and Getting Well, quarterly publications of The Wellness Institute, Raleigh, NC.


Campbell JS: Non-Invasive Vascular Diagnosis, 26 Sept 2000. A Category I CME Presentation to the Medical Staff, Forsyth Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC


Campbell JS: A critique of a controversial study on THC effects in primates. MAPS Bulletin, Spring 2001.


Campbell JS: Brachial Artery Segmental Compliance, 28 Aug 2002. Presented at a conference on arterial compliance at the Wake Forest School of Medicine Hypertension Center, Winston-Salem, NC


Campbell, James Stewart: Tiny circuit saves big on relay power. Electronic Design, Mar 16, 2006, Vol. 54, No. 6: p. 80.


Campbell, James S: Configurable logic chip stretches pulses to brighten LED flash. Electronic Design, Mar 26, 2010, Vol. 58, No. 4, p. 61.


Campbell, James S: The Mandrake Connection. Complete text and annotated PDF download available at www.mandrakeconnection.com. Copyright 1999. 2nd Edition 2011.


Campbell, James S: Diagnostic Thermography for Professionals. A Category I CME presentation at the Forsyth Medical Center General Medicine Conference, May 2011.


Campbell, James S: Wye Island Winner. In Electric Boat News, J Electric Boat Association 2012: Vol. 25 No. 3, p. 2-3.


Campbell, James S: "The Project - Unethical Human Experiments, Carcinogenic Viruses, and Murder during the Cold War" - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation written 2013. Download available at www.medesignman.com.


Campbell, James S:  Current Source for LED Microscope Illuminator Provides Full-Spectrum Light. Electronic Design, May 16, 2014, Vol. 62, No. 5: p. 67.


Campbell, James S: Thermography of the Hand “Through a Glass Darkly” - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, Greenville SC, 10 Sept 2015.


Campbell, James S: The AAT Proposed Atlas of Thermography - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, Greenville SC, 10 Sept 2015.


Campbell, James S: Thermography of the Hand 2016 “The Fog Lifts…” - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, Greenville SC, 10 Sept 2016.


Campbell, James S: From Terahertz Waves To Light: Medical Uses of the Infrared Spectrum - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, Greenville SC, 10 Sept 2016.


Campbell, James S, et.al: Fact or Fiction? Exploring Two Beliefs about Oral-Systemic Thermology - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, Atlanta GA, 2019.


Campbell, James S: Future Developments in Thermography - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, presented virtually, 2020.


Campbell, James S: Thermography of the Eye And Orbit - A CME Category I audio/visual PowerPoint presentation to the Am Acad Thermology Annual Meeting, presented virtually, 2022.


James Stewart Campbell & M. Nathaniel Mead, Human Medical Thermography, 1st Edition, Published August 2022 by CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA. 240 pages, 283 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations, DOI: 10.1201/9781003281764, ISBN: 9781032251400




Curriculum Vitae of James Stewart Campbell, MD. – August 2022


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