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The Real Causes of the "Opioid Epidemic":

Believe in Religious Freedom? Free the Sacred Plants Download the poster.

Drug Prohibition - the New Jim Crow. Download the Poster.

"The Project" - unethical human experiments, carcinogenic viruses, and murder during the cold war.

A Treatise on Neckties - Read about the dangers and humor here.

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Welcome to the MEDesignMan's Wikiup

Having wrestled the unruly world of HTML Code to the ground, I, a poor country doctor, erstwhile ethical physician, medical equipment designer, analog electronics guru, biologic-to-electronics interface expert, human thermographer, jack of most trades and master of some, here present a lifetime accumulation of knowledge, facts, and wisdom I have learned.

As you peruse this site and its links you may be astounded, encouraged, enlightened, or even shocked. We all live in our own bubble, and hate to have it pricked open especially if our livelihood depends on the bubble staying intact. So read on at your own risk. Comments and suggestions are welcome at medesignman@gmail.com.

MEDICINE will delve into everything from simple and inexpensive diagnostic and therapeutic tips from a country doctor to the latest therapies and procedures - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The damaging effect of drug prohibition on the practice of medicine will also be featured. Medical practitioners should be sure to check out the "Advice for Healers" for a long and successful medical career. The Human Thermography page is under development.

DESIGN goes into everything from physics to healthy food, clothing, shelter, and relationships. Electronics, my lifetime love, will be prominently featured with circuit suggestions you may never have considered. Interfacing to biologic systems by electronic, pneumatic, optic, ultrasound and other means will also be covered.

MAN is the biographic section. Here you will find about this wierd, mostly reclusive doctor/engineer - me. Included are my 8-page Curriculum Vitae, a photographic album, and various writings. Because how can you evaluate what you are reading without knowlege of who wrote it?

Don't forget to try the "Mystery Link" which appears on clicking the button below. This link is different on every page.

Once again - Welcome and enjoy!

James Stewart Campbell, EE, MD. Dec 2014

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